Refining Wall Space With Hotel Art

Gold/Silver/Metallic Art

Instill that sense of luxury your guests crave.

Our new golden, silver and metallic powder wall art will deliver on that promise.

The exceptional quality of our split panel canvas prints combined with the elegance of gold, silver or any other metallic color. Any image from a single building to an entire cityscape can be enhanced, by inlaying flecks of colored metallic powder. The golden glow of the city lights, the silvery glinting of street lamps, or even the blue shimmering of water can be highlighted to give a luster that a regular print cannot offer. This is elegance embodied through wall art.

Lighting The Way With Hotel Art

LED-Lit Wall Art

Wall art that will instill a sense of wonder

Small LED lights are placed in precise locations behind each panel where there is an image of a light. This means candles come to life and flicker, city lights truly glow and lanterns shine to light the way. They are battery powered and with the convenience of a remote, you will be in complete control of the LED lights.

The Sounds Of Silence From Hotel Art

Art with Sound Absorption Foam

A new innovation that adds exceptional value to your artwork: the empty space behind every canvas panel can be filled with special sound absorption foam (used by professional sound studios), which helps reduce reverberations and noise levels. The more panels that are installed, the greater the noise reduction will be and a more comfortable and welcoming environment will result. This is especially useful in lobbies, hallways, dining areas, restaurants, office spaces and any other area where there is heavy traffic. If placed in guest rooms, it also decreases the reverberations from the television and music.

Innovating Wall Art With Hotel Art

New Concepts

We are pushing the edge of design. We want to inspire you with vibrant wall art that catches the eye and won’t let go.

This year we are introducing new, bold and distinct geometrical designs ranging from smooth circles, to sharp-edged triangles to swirls and waves. Your will linger in appreciate of a genuine work of art, with the image and design working together to captivate your attention. They are made with sturdy handcrafted recycled wood board and the pigment ink is printed directly onto each piece in a matte finish, giving a feeling of depth and sophistication.