Custom Designs

You have full control over your designs, from the selection of the image, to the dimensions, to the placement of special features on your wall art.

Another option is to allow our team of in-house designers to assist you. We can provide you with image, design and style suggestions that will best fit with your decor and (budgetary) needs, from 5 star hotels and luxury yachts to restaurants and villas.

We work seamlessly with businesses who have their own designers and we can quickly produce initial drafts and samples for their approval in order to meet project deadlines.

In all cases, we keep communication channels open through all steps of your order, from initial design, to the finalized order and will keep you up to date of your shipment, all to guarantee your satisfaction.

You can be confident your order will be exactly as you want them.

For businesses, such as hotels and restaurants that require large volume orders, rest assured that we can manufacture and ship high volumes in a timely manner.

Our factories have a capacity to produce over 1500 units every day. This includes printing, framing, and packaging, so even orders with a tight deadline can be completed on time.

Shipping fees can be kept to a minimum with proper planning, thereby reducing overall costs and keeping your project on budget.

We print on an extensive range of materials to suit your needs, including but not limited to 100% cotton canvas, polyester canvas, wood (such as pine or fir), glass (including mirrors), aluminum, ceramic, cork, linen, paper, and acrylics.

Interior frames of our wall art can be made from sustainable MDF, MDF with a paper veneer, or sources, such as fir or pine.

Exterior framing is fully customizable and comes in any material or style. We offer metal, wood, and cloth frames, among others and as well as multiple styles from contemporary and ornate to traditional and rustic. The surface finish and color palette for all frames is entirely flexible.