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The Growing Popularity of Canvas Prints

Have you ever wanted to add the stunning detail of a painting to your photographic images? If so, the means to do this have arrived. With giclee, photographs can be turned into beautiful canvas prints. The texture from the cotton of the canvas gives photographs the look and feel of a gallery image. Photographic reproduction using giclee has been taking off among professional photographers, but you don’t need to be a pro to utilize the effects of this amazing process. In fact, anyone, amateur or professional is able to transform their photographs into a gorgeous canvas print using giclee printing.

Benefits of a Canvas Print

The benefits of giclee are many. Most people turn to giclee for many reasons. The use of archival giclee canvas and ink is something that photographers find very attractive. As opposed to converting their images onto film, which can fade and deteriorate over time, more and more photographers and creating beautiful reproductions of their images using giclee. Any image can be printed using this process. You can either upload images onto a computer directly from you digital camera, or you can scan conventional photographs onto your computer. These images can then be enhanced or edited using a variety of software programs to amplify their true potential and make them look like a painting.

Why Coat a Canvas Print

Perhaps one of the most popular benefits of a fine art giclee cotton canvas print is the effects that can be added to the image after printing. In addition to the texture given to the image by virtue of the canvas, photographers can also add texture to the actual image. Using clear gels, photographers are able to enhance portions of their images to improve color and detail. After this, the canvas can be coated with a protective varnish that will ensure it will stay vivid for well over one hundred years. Whether or not you’re printing color or black and white, giclee will certainly be able to produce the highest possible photographic reproductions you have ever seen.